Character Sheets


We are delighted to offer free PDF downloads of the Numenera character sheets for players! The character sheets are designed to be printed dual-sided, and then folded into thirds. The inside features your character’s stats, equipment, armor, health and more, while the outside has space for your “I’m a ______ ______ who _______” statement, an image, notes, and background. There is also a PDF of our character creation walkthrough below, which shows you how to build a character using the sheets.

(These sheets are also in the back of the Numenera corebook, along with the instructions on how to build a character using them).

Now go forth and have a great game with your new character!

Here is the Character Creation Walkthrough PDF: CharacterCreationWalkthrough

Here are the Character Sheets as a PDF (it’s a slightly smaller file sizes and a bit lower res than the JPGs below): Numenera Character Sheets

Here are the Character Sheets as individual JPGs (high resolution, large file size):

Numenera_CharacterSheet_Internal Numenera_CharacterSheet_External