Into the Ninth World…on Kickstarter!

Into the Ninth World Kickstarter

Over a billion years of Earth’s future, great civilizations have risen and fallen, each attaining wonders beyond our wildest dreams and furthest imaginings. The remnants of these civilizations shaped the Ninth World into a place of incredible beauty, wonder, and danger. And weirdness. Oh, so much weirdness. Explorers who undertake the challenges presented by the Ninth World look not only to the wilderness, but also to the night sky, the ocean depths, and even into the worlds beyond that they cannot easily perceive.

Into the Night 1 Lee Smith

Illustration by Lee Smith

This Kickstarter campaign takes us into these realms through several new titles that expand the Ninth World beyond Earth’s shores. We launched this campaign to fund Into the NightInto the Deep, and Into the Outside, each an all-new 160-page hardcover supplement, along with the 100-card Numenera Artifact Deck. With your help, we’ll take these rewards even further.

Into the Night 3 Keiran Yanner

Illustration by Kieran Yanner

Into the Night 4 Grzegorz Pedrycz

Illustration by Grzegorz Pedrycz

Venture farther. Explore deeper. Go beyond.