Fan Use & Licensing



Are you a fan looking to put up some free content on your blog, website, and so forth? We want to help make that possible. Check out our fan use policy. We’ve seen some awesome fan sites so far, including Ninth World HubThe Ninth World, and The Signal.


Individuals or Very Small Publishers

Are you just starting out as a publisher, and want to try your hand at creating a Numenera-compatible product? We want to help make that possible and really easy. Contact Charles Ryan at for our limited use license. For a general overview of the license (to see if it’s for you before contacting Charles), look here.



If you are making more than $2000 on an individual product, or plan on using crowdfunding, we consider you a professional and a peer. As such, you already know that the thing to do is apply for a full license. To do so, contact Charles Ryan at and make a proposal and negotiate a deal. That’s the way it works, and that’s what companies like InXile, AEG, Reaper, Fat Dragon, Maps of Mastery, and others have done to great success.