Numenera: Strand Short Film

In February 2015, Monte Cook Games and Valdes/Eriksdotter announced the forthcoming Numenera: Strand short film. A drifter, walking a lonely beach in what could only be the Ninth World, stumbles upon an item of the numenera–and what happens next changes him forever.


Principal photography for the film was completed in late 2014, and the film moved into post-production. A trailer was released in early 2014:

Full production of this film has been funded by Valdes/Eriksdotter and Monte Cook Games, but our ambition, and our vision of the Ninth World, extends further. It’s our intention to create what might well be the highest-quality film ever based on an RPG, but making the jump to that level requires more funding. Director Joan Manuel Urquiaga Valdes is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to max out the quality of the film’s effects. Be a part of it and help make it a reality (and pick up some cool backer rewards)!

You can find a bit about the genesis of the film here, along with some commentary by the director on the nature of an effects-heavy film such as this one.